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Live Stream Information

We began doing a live stream of our worship service each Sunday on June 18, 2023.  If you’re unable to join us for in person worship on Sunday, we encourage you to join us online.  We encourage you to "like" or comment during the broadcast so that we know that you are joining us.  Please be patient as we work to learn and grow with live streaming.  The live stream runs concurrently on our website, Facebook, and YouTube.  We know that not everyone uses Facebook and other social media, so the website and YouTube are excellent straight-forward options for tuning in if you are not a Facebook user.  We also continue to broadcast live to the parking lot each week.  Simply park and tune your car radio to 89.9 FM. 

You can tune in from any computer, smartphone, or tablet by any of the methods below.  The online broadcast begins at 10:59 AM each Sunday.  You can also watch on some Smart Televisions.  If you have a prayer request, text Pastor Jesse directly at 704-995-1987 to have your concern added to the prayer list during the service.  Please note there is about a 60-90 second delay when watching live.

Give the live stream a try and let us know about your experience, any issues you had, and any improvements that may make things better. We will use your feedback to evaluate whether or not this is something we will continue to offer.  

Streaming Options

  • Website
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • BoxCast Website
  • Smart Televisions
    • There is an app available for most smart televisions (Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) called “BoxCast”. You should be able to find it in your television or streaming app store. After downloading the app on your TV or streaming device, search for "New Hope United Methodist Church (Pomaria, SC)" in the BoxCast app.  Please note:  it is relatively new and we are learning more about this option.  Please check out the YouTube option if watching from a Smart TV or streaming device.
    • You can download the YouTube app onto your smart television or streaming device.  You should be able to find it in your television or streaming device app store.  Within the app, search for "New Hope United Methodist Church (Pomaria, SC)", similar to the way you would search on YouTube using your phone or computer.  You can then watch the live stream via YouTube on your Smart TV.  Please note:  This is the best option if watching via Smart TV or streaming device.